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Karma Water contains only natural ingredients, so NO artificial sweeteners, NO artificial coloring, and NO preservatives! Karma is also non-GMO, gluten-free, lactose-free, low in sodium, and heart-healthy! Each of our natural varieties are sweetened with 85% stevia and 15% cane sugar. Stevia is a sugar substitute that is natural. Stevia comes from the leaves of the plant species Stevia rebaudiana.

For a majority of people, consuming between 1-3 Karmas per day is deemed a safe amount. A majority of the vitamins contained in Karma Water are water-soluble, meaning that your body will excrete any excess amounts of those vitamins that it does not need. However, Karma Water does contain some vitamins that are not water-soluble, such as vitamins A, E, and D. Any of our varieties are safe to combine together, unless you do have an allergy to one of our varieties. We suggest reading each ingredient listed on our label.

However, the final determination on whether Karma is right for you and how many is safe for you to consume per day is yours and your physician’s. Karma does contain potent vitamins (which are kept at optimal potency in our Push Cap until you’re ready to drink). Please take a look at our ingredient list and nutritional facts for each variety and be sure that all ingredients and vitamins have been deemed safe for you personally. Also, this dosage does not pertain to small children.

Vitamins such as water soluble vitamins lose potency while sitting in water or exposed to moisture. Additionally, vitamins suffer degradation while they are exposed to UV rays, oxygen and heat. The loss is greater when the vitamin contents are spread across the full contents of bottled beverages. The broader the surface area, the greater the exposure. In sharp contrast, Karma’s vitamins are stored dry in the hermetically sealed cap, the vitamins are stored in a condensed area which limits exposure to the elements, and Karma makes use of opaque plastic and a UV blocker in its cap. Each of the differences in Karma are designed to enhance the longevity of shelf-life and therefore increase potency at time of consumption. By introducing the vitamins only seconds or minutes from actual consumption, it optimizes the effectiveness of the nutrient-rich ingredients. Karma contains a generous amount of vitamins and nutrients, and that by itself is why Karma is a premium product.

Hermetic means “airtight.” The Push Cap utilizes injection molding and a spin weld fitting to produce a hermetic (airtight) seal between the cap and base—you could seriously throw this thing into the ocean (not that we’re encouraging that!) and the inside would stay dry. The seal assures optimal quality standards and protects the vitamin powder, maintaining freshness and delivering maximum vitamin potency. And—just because we think you’ll appreciate it—the Push Cap is made of recyclable material.

Karma contains two to four times the volume of other vitamin-dispensing caps, and three to six times more vitamins and nutrients than other competing vitamin-enhanced beverages.

Stevia is a sugar substitute. Derived from the leaves of an herb native to South America, stevia is a healthier option than table sugar because it is 300 times sweeter (meaning we have to use much less of it!) and contains zero calories.

We like to think that Karma begins with a gift from Mother Nature–pristine water. Just peel, push, and shake to instantly transform your water into wellness.

Absolutely. Many parents are concerned (and rightly so!) about offering their children sugar-filled or artificially flavored beverages. Karma is sweetened naturally with stevia and pure cane sugar. In moderation, fortified or vitamin-enhanced food and beverage products like Karma can help kids reach their nutrition and hydration needs. It’s also a great choice for kids with some dietary limitations, as all Karma Waters are lactose free and gluten free.

Today’s beverages are not providing what they claim to be; there are a lot of smoke and mirrors. At Karma, we embrace the principle of cause and effect. We believe that if you do something positive, you’ll get something positive in return.

The name needed to speak to the core philosophy of the brand—to be truly meaningful, a beverage must have both substance and style. Canadian consumers are demanding more from their food and beverages, and require assurance that the choices they’re making will positively impact their health.

Karma is a universally understood concept and lifestyle. It transcends the drink and reflects the person. It’s a movement we believe in and want to be a part of moving forward.

Karma was born from the universal truth and karmic idea that if you do something positive, you’ll get something positive in return. Since vitamins deteriorate in water, too many products available today are flawed. With Karma, consumers finally get a nutrient-enhanced water that delivers on its promise, allowing them to take responsibility today for tomorrow by creating positive effects on the mind, body, spirit, balance, and vitality.

Karma is expanding retail availability to include fitness clubs of all kinds and an impressive number of retail stores.

The design of the Push Cap includes a funnel-shaped aperture in the base of the cap. When you push the button to mix your drink, this shape helps the powder pour into the bottle via gravity. Since some of the powder moves down into the funnel when the bottle is upright, it is hidden from view. If you tip the bottle upside down, you will see that the powder does, in fact, fill the cap.

The reason for our labeling is due to the fact that we make sure that we comply with all Health Code rules and regulations. With a product that contains the amount of vitamins that Karma does, Health Canada requires that we place these warnings on our labels. However, the US does not require this labeling and Karma does comply with all US FDA standards and is non-GMO, gluten-free and whole foods compliant.

The use of our warnings are only a precaution, as recommended by the Canadian regulatory agency named Health Canada. The explanation for the warnings vary by variety.